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Phil Tanner, 1862-1950


Links will be set up to songs as they are entered in the Archive. This list was first published by Doug Fraser in the Autumn 1966 edition of the Welsh folk magazine Phoenix. Although Phil Tanner was reputed to have known some 80 songs, only the following have been recorded or remembered from his singing:

Banks Of Sweet Dundee, The
Banks Of Sweet Primroses, The
phil tanner stick
Barbara Ellen

Blow Ye Winds Heave Ho

Bonny Bunch Of Roses, The
Fair Phoebe and the Dark Eyed Sailor
Gower Wassail
Green Bushes, The
Grey Mare, The (Young Roger Esquire)
Henry Martin
Morriston Tom The Fiddler
Oyster Girl, The
Parson and The Clerk, The
Pottery Canal, The
Pretty Jemima
Soap, Starch and Candles
Spotted Cow, The
Starry Night For A Ramble
Swansea Barracks
Ten Joys Of Mary, The
Tickle Song, The
When Joan's Ale Was New


Gower Reel (1)
Gower Reel (2)
Over The Hills To Gowerie

Bidding Wedding

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