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Why we're kicking up the sawdust in Wales

Welsh tunes are an entrancing collision between Celtic fire and powerful, classically-inspired melodies. Wales has a rich tradition of dance music and airs which is continuing to grow and develop as today's writers enrich the treasures of the past few centuries.

Twmpath is a word meaning a hump. At one time it signified the mound on the village green where the musicians sat and played for the community to dance, and today it has come to mean the event itself... a raucous, hot night of traditional steps and modern ideas washed down with a heady blend of alcohol and pheromones.

Today's musicians are taking Welsh music forward in a way which could not have been dreamed of a generation ago. DR PRICE'S FIRE BAND are at the forefront of this new Welsh music, drawing material from their huge cache of experience and spicing it with tantalising tastes of other Celtic and European cultures.






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