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Snowdon steam - a great little engine, with its sloping boiler so it can work the steep track 

The mountains beckon - and Llanberis yard hasn't changed much in all these years

Waiting for a train - and Olly and Peter consult the map showing the Snowdon Ranger mountain track

The long road ahead - but this one wasn't powered by steam, only one of those new-fangled diesels!

 Lonely road - The Llanberis Pass seems far below as we skirt an enormous drop

 Beautiful scene - Club members survey the vista. It's enough to make you sing out for joy

 Weekend rush - Snowdon Summit is just visible behind the hundreds of climbers

 You can see six kingdoms: Wales, Ireland, Mann, Scotland, England and the kingdom of Heaven

While the walkers started down, some of us took to the train

The downward track: Llyn Cwellyn is only a few miles and two hours away

Taking a breather: Pattie surveys the scene as the walkers stop for a rest

It's all downhill from here: The walkers arrange themselves into single file on the narrow track

One last push: Weary climbers wait for the downward train before joining the fray at the summit 

Wild grandeur: Far, far away, another train waits for us to descend on the single-track railway

What price beauty? This old cottage signals that the end of the mountain track is very near 

This is it: Snowdon Ranger station on the Welsh Highland Railway marks the end of the track

This Garratt articulated loco, from Tasmania, pauses at Waunfawr station on the WHR 

We held a session at the Glan Aber Hotel in Betws-y-Coed, and Never Mind The Bocs were there

Time to relax: Chairman Mike Greenwood couldn't resist a huge smile from breaking out...

Quiet beauty: Next morning, we paid a visit to  Swallow Falls - just a trickle, given the lack of rain 

Last look at the Ffestiniog: Double Fairlie Merddin Emrys waits for the whistle at Blaenau Ffestiniog








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